Sinderon Software
Sinderon develops software that adds value to your digital media collection and enables you to use your collection in new and interesting ways, over your network, or over the Internet. We also offer system builder integration kits for Windows Media Center.
Sinderon SinCast
SinCast streams music, movies, or television throughout your home or business, serves it on-demand, or broadcasts it in real-time to the Internet. SinCast provides a new way to enjoy digital media and television.
Software Editions
Free Edition Software is fully functional and no purchase is required. Donations are accepted in any amount and are used to support  the continued development, testing, and improvement of the software.

Trial Edition Software may be evaluated for a twenty one (21) day trial period during which the Software is fully functional. After the trial period ends, the software will continue to run but with reduced function.

Registered Edition Software is fully functional and has no trial period restriction or reduction in function. Trial Edition Software is converted to Registered Edition Software by purchasing a Product License Key from Sinderon that you install into the Trial Edition Software through a built in Registration Dialog.
Payment Processing
Sinderon uses PayPal to securely process credit card transactions. When we receive confirmation from PayPal for either a donation or purchase of a product license key, we will send an acknowledgement to the email address you supplied as part of the PayPal process. The acknowledgement email will contain the product license key..
Sinderon MCI-Kit
Save time with our Windows Media Center Integration Kit. The kit includes a set of software scripts, command files, utilities, and registry mods that together improve usability, increase reliability, and add features to stock Windows Media Center. 
Version: released Feb 13, 2013 Key features:
 8-way simultaneous streaming
 HDHomeRun Prime tuner support
 Internet broadcast via Justin.TV
 HTTP / RTSP streaming server
 Android, Flowplayer, iTunes clients
 Line-in, microphone-in sources
 Read the technology white paper
media television url capture tools network jtv remote    
Required components:
download VLC media player 1.0.3 (refer to faq)
SinCast includes Android, axVLC, Flowplayer, Justin.TV and MediaMonkey plug-ins
$9.99 USD
Free Edition
Version: released Feb 13, 2013 Key features:
   For multi-HTPC w/central server
 Custom MCUpdate w/S3 sleep option
 Restore eHome drop targets
 Enhanced autoplay for ArcSoft TMT5
 Move recorded TV to server
 iTunes WMC Utilities Readme
 MCUpdate Readme
Optional components:
download ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theater 5 version (last non-cinavia version)
this is the to upgrade package

Media-Centric Software Applications
System Builder Integration Kits

Version: released Feb 13, 2013 Key features:
 4-way simultaneous playback
 HDHomeRun Prime tuner support
 Grid, strip and full screen layouts
 Integrated source browsers
 Automatic mute management
 Hidden controls, in-window mute
 Continuous media play back (looping)
media television url settings grid strip full      
Required components:
download VLC media player 1.0.3 (refer to faq)

Sinderon Media Player
Sinderon Media Player (SiMP) is a desktop media player built from the ground up for
simultaneous playback of multiple digital sources. SiMP 4-way playback provides a
unique way to enjoy the rich variety of digital media available today.
$9.99 USD
SinCast + SiMP bundle discount
$14.99 USD